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Communication & Marketing Platform

The Billboard Pro is a messaging solution for Xerox® ConnectKey® customers. The Billboard Pro incorporates the standard Billboard functionality to broadcast company messaging to your ConnectKey® enabled devices. There are four additional message options inside the solution. These four channels can be used as individual billboards, or change a channel or two for internal communications or direct contact with your Xerox® representative. Billboard Pro is easy to use, there is no learning curve or time commitment for an online editor, just create an image in your favorite program, then upload to your online Control Panel. You can control an unlimited number of devices in your online control panel. It’s just that simple.               


Xerox® customers are using Billboard to make internal announcements, employee recognition, training messages, safety alerts, suggestion boxes, company policies, sign up forms and more.               


The original Billboard app has been archived in the Xerox® App Gallery and is no longer available. The original Billboard app will still fully function on all previously installed ConnectKey® devices. Current customers of the original Billboard app looking to buy additional licenses need to purchase a Billboard Pro edition. Installing Billboard Pro will not overwrite or upgrade the original Billboard app. You can have both apps installed on the same device.


The  Billboard Pro is available globally with multiple language support; languages currently not available can be added upon request and collaboration. Install on this app on all your Xerox® ConnectKey® devices, then manage all your devices with your free online account at        


CLICK HERE for details on how to begin your FREE 30 Day Trial


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