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  • I don't see the Help Center app in the Xerox® App Gallery
    The Help Center app is not available in the "Public" App Gallery. Contact Xerox to request "Channel Partner" App Gallery access. This is the recommended process for access to the Help Center and other partner solutions. You can also contact us to share our account, and then we can share the Help Center app.
  • How do I get the Free Edition?
    The HC Business Free Edition has not been approved for the App Gallery yet. We will notify all Help Center account holders when it becomes available. The HC Business Edition is intended for individual companies to have an internal communication solution on all their ConnectKey® enabled devices. Xerox® Partners should install the Standard Edition to promote their brand. The Standard Edition is available on the Xerox® Channel Partner App Gallery.
  • Can I get NFR Standard Licenses?
    The Standard Edition available in the Partner Channel App Gallery is listed at $20. Xerox Channel Partners get a 20% discount. We do not control App Gallery pricing once published or any offerings thereafter so cannot offer free Standard licenses. We also can not distribute the solution outside the App Gallery. However, when you purchase the Standard Edition, we will upgrade 10 licenses from to Standard Edition to the Premium Edition at no cost.
  • Do you offer free licenses to Xerox Partners?
    Xerox Partners receive 10 free upgrade licenses from the Standard Edition to the Premium Edition. The free Premium upgrade licenses can be used in showrooms or on customer machines.
  • I attended the Xerox global summit, can I get 50 free licenses."
    Xerox partners who attended the 2019 global summit in Atlanta get 50 free Premium upgrade licenses. The standard licenses must be purchased through the Xerox Channel Partner App Gallery for $20, discounted 20% if you are registered as a channel partner. You will receive 50 free upgraded licenses from the Standard to the Premium Edition.
  • Can I have some devices on the Standard Edition and some on the Premium Edition.
  • What languages are supported?
    The following languages are available: English Spanish Portuguese Cantonese Czech Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Italian Norwegian Polish Romanian Russian Swedish Turkish If your preferred language is not listed, contact us for the process to add a new language.
  • What are the image size requirements?
    The maximum limit image sizes: Company Logo: 30kb Personnel Pictures: 30kb Channel Custom Images: 100kb Billboard: 100kb Recommended images sizes: Company logo: 100 Height x 400 Width Personnel Pictures: 250 Height x 250 Width Channel Custom Images: 500 Height x 1000 Width Billboard: 500 Height x 750 Width TIP* Save File Type as JPEG with 90% Quality
  • What's the advantage of Help Center over other contact apps?
    The Help Center is not a contact app, it's a customizable customer communication and marketing platform with the primary purpose of improving customer relationships with an advertising engine to generate more revenue from your existing customer base. Our Premium Edition includes professional services to manage your Help Center content, design advertisement, and manage advertising campaigns.
  • Can I remove or change the Billing, Sales, Service or Supplies buttons?"
    Yes, you can customize the 4 communication channels to include other communication options. The Premium edition can be to used for display advertisements to promote any of your solutions. We offer free advertisement design services for customers with at least 100 Premium Edition ConnectKey® enabled devices.
  • Why doesn't the Supply Toner level display on some devices?
    Currently the Help Center only displays Supply Toner Levels on Xerox® C-Model AltaLink® devices.
  • What's the difference between Billboard and Partner Billboard?
    Billboard is available on the Xerox App Gallery for $100 per license. The Billboard App enables your customer within their network to configure and manage internal messages. The Partner Billboard is included with the Help Center Premium Edition. The Partner Billboard solution enables the Xerox® partners to publish messages and advertise to their customer from an online portal or through our professional services.
  • Can I reassign a Help Center license to another device?
    No. The onetime price for Help Center is based on one license to one device. The license is valid up to five years for the one device.
  • Can I have a separate Help Center account for a customer?
    A dedicated Help Center account can be created for large volume customers so they manage their ConnectKey® enabled devices, including Billboard messaging. A setup, implementation, and training fee may be required. Contact us for more details.
  • Do you share any of my data with Xerox®?
    No. We are proud to be involved in the Xerox® ConnectKey® Developer Program, however, there is no data exchange with Xerox®. Help Center content is hosted on our secure Amazon Web Servers and kept confidential.
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